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I know, I know, I haven’t posted here in forever. My bad, too much work and school to do. But I posted up these impressions I had of the Pokémon Y demo at COEX mall on my personal tumblr and thought I should share them here. Enjoy!


Thoughts on the Pokémon Y Demo:

As one of the few non-press Pokéfans to have played this demo, I feel I should go ahead and give my opinion as a long-time fan of the series. I was at the COEX mall in Samseong about to get lunch with my wife when I randomly noticed there was a Pokémon X/Y display in the center area next to the bookstore. I was shocked to find out that the Pokémon X/Y demos were being showcased there along with a myriad of other 3DS games. With some slight trepidation, I went up and asked the Korean worker standing by the kiosks if this was really the X/Y demos. In surprisingly good English, he said yes. I asked if it was only for children, which prompted a quizzical look from him (almost like he didn’t expect an adult to want to play the game). He hesitated for a second, and then said, “Well… no, it’s for everyone, man or woman, child or adult, I guess.”

That was all I needed to ask him if I could play. He laughed, and then led me to a 3DS XL. He asked what language I wanted, and while I felt pretty prepared to play through a Korean demo, I decided to go with my native tongue so that I could have the full immersive experience.

Long story short: this demo was fantastic. It had everything I could have asked for, short of the main story elements. Let me get into a few specifics, though.

Graphics: The graphics in this game look beautiful. Everything seemed fluid and animated. The river, trees, and bushes all seemed to dance in the wind. Each trainer battle started out with a full 3-D close-up of each trainer announcing their catchphrase and throwing out their first Pokémon. The Pokémon animations were very realistic looking, with slight animated details that seemed to replicate small real-life animal movements. Very impressive. The 3-D effects were also some of the best I’ve ever seen, accentuated even further by the fact that I was playing on a 3DS XL. At no point did I have trouble focusing on what I needed to focus on when I had the 3-D slider all the way up. I usually play with the 3-D off, but this game is definitely something I want to play with it on most of the time. From what I had heard previously from press reports, the 3-D effects were not fully implemented in the demo, but what I saw looked pretty well-implemented, so I don’t know what is causing that discrepancy.

Battle System: The battle menus still look the same, but definitely enhanced. The same four options are still there (Fight, Bag, Pokémon, and Run), and they were presented in a cross formation. The different attacks were big and bold and had different colors representing what move type it was (black for dark attacks, purple for psychic attacks, yellow for electric attacks, etc.). The colors were very apparent so as to avoid confusion, which is a blessing for me. A new addition was the inclusion of the “Mega Evolution” option placed right underneath the four attacks, as long as you have a Pokémon who can become a Mega Evolution. At the start of battle, you can tap on the Mega Evolution button and then select your attack, so your Pokémon will then evolve and use the attack you selected. The Pokémon will continue to stay that evolution until the battle ends (you might be able to reverse it yourself, but I didn’t try).

The attacks are very impressive to watch. I would say that the way attacks are presented in this game rival what was done on the two Stadium games and the Battle Revolution game. The two (or more) Pokémon directly engage each other most of the time instead of being primarily one Pokémon throwing an attack and then the camera cutting to the second Pokémon getting hurt. The direct attacks are so neat to look at, and it boggles my mind as to how they are going to fit all attacks and all the Pokémon animations into this small game.

Also, the battle system is A LOT faster than you would expect. Granted, the animations are a bit longer than normal, but unlike the gen 4 games, everything was very fluid and quick, with little lag between moves and the menu coming back up. I was able to get through quite a few quick battles in my short demo session. I don’t think EV training sessions will be that arduous even though it’s in full 3-D.

Demo Story: The demo was very simple. The lady I met with at the beginning told me to find the new Professor at the other side of this park I was in. Simple enough. On the way to the Professor, there was plenty of tall grass and trainers to battle. In the tall grass, I actually noticed that there was the bird-type Pokémon walking around, so even though most of my tall-grass encounters were random, you can actually run into Pokémon directly that you can see in the grass. Pretty cool update. I started out with a Fennekin, Sylveon, and Helloptile (the electric salamander guy). All three were fun to use. I caught a Pikachu during the course of my battling, but he fainted pretty early on since he was 12 levels under most Pokémon. The roller skates were a fun addition, but seemed to be automatic for me. Maybe I didn’t de-press the skating button or something.

Fennekin is just beastly with his psychic and fire attacks. I had no problem running through this demo with him doing most of the fighting. I tried out Sylveon and he seems to be a decent fighter, not much different from the top-tier Eeveelutions. Helloptile was okay, but nothing to write home about. Pikachu was normal Pikachu.

Once I got to the Professor, he gave me Mewtwo with the Mega Evolution stone attached so I could test him out. The Professor started battling me, but with MegaMewtwo, I pretty much destroyed his entire team handily (especially Dragonite). After that, he said that he is certain that there are more MegaEvolutions out there. He then asked if I wanted to go to the main world, and then I proceeded to follow him through a cave door… and then the game proceeded to show a short video and advertise that the game is coming out on October 12.

Conclusion: As I mentioned above, I was very impressed with what the demo offered. It was very short and I had to be quick since there were so many elementary schoolers around me trying to play, but I definitely had a blast playing it. I did not try Pokémon-Amie because I wanted to spend as much time on the main game demo as I could. My only worry is that it will be shorter than previous games because it is just such a step-up graphically from the previous entries. Still, I am hoping for the best, and feel confident that Gen 6 will be a fantastic addition to the behemoth franchise that is Pokémon.

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Anonymous asked: I'm a Pokemon card collector and I was wondering if it is reasonable for me to buy two Korean booster boxes of the dragon collection for $43.oo? It contains 40 booster packs overall, with five cards per pack. Is it worth it, or is it sold much cheaper in South Korea, making this overpriced?

Thanks for the question! The Dragon Collection booster packs are actually sold for the equivalent of about $1 each, so that’s actually about how much it would cost to buy them here in Korea. I’d say go for it if the shipping isn’t too astronomical!

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chozomm asked: Yo! Sorry, if I accidentally sent a half completed message already... Anyway, I lived in Korea over the past summer and made it a point to collect an entire set of Pokemon Cards while I was there. I noticed you were uncertain what some of the boxes were, and couldn't find the Pokemon Centers (they're ridic small. I don't want to come off rude, but if you'd like, I could help you out with that.

I would absolutely love to know, thank you for your offer! I’m always willing to be corrected or helped, so anything you want to provide will be greatly appreciated! :)

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Bummer Deal

I could not find the Pokémon Center. Apparently it was not where I expected it to be; however, I will consult with my students and see where it actually is so that I can plan ahead for next time I go out into the grand city of Seoul.

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Gen 6 - Ask the students?

Yep, generation 6 has just been announced, though interestingly, the Korean names for the starters have yet to be revealed. My assumption is that this news has not been broadcast to Korea yet, especially since the official website has NOTHING about it.

Would people like me to ask my students about what they think of the new starters? I could try to record their actions via text, voice, or maybe even video. What would people prefer?

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Anonymous asked: Hey man, love the site. Do you know is there a way to download or stream pokemon in korean?

Hey there! Glad you’re enjoying the blog! :D

I have to begin by saying that I do not condone bootlegging and the like. Because this is the Korean dub of a Japanese show, I can understand how people might want to experience the show in a different context, so I can’t necessarily fault anyone for wanting to see the show in Korean.

Having said that, unfortunately, there are very few Korean Pokémon videos online, and no episodes, as far as I can tell. In fact, it’s hard to find Pokémon in any kind of video format in the country itself. I’ve been to all of the big DVD areas in Seoul that I know of, and I simply cannot find a single DVD for any of the movies or even the TV show. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places, so maybe someone can point me in the right direction?

I know there are ways to stream Korean TV to your computer, but I actually cannot seem to get it to work with my Mac. I know that it airs on Tooniverse, CHAMP TV, Animax, Cartoon Network, ANIONE, and Jei TV, though. If you can find ways to stream those channels, then that should be enough. I would assume that it airs on the weekends, but again, I do not know and my language abilities are not good enough to figure this out.

Sorry I can’t be much help! :(